Garlic Oil as A natural Antibiotic

Garlic oil becomes more and more prominent in food, animal and poultry industry owing to its health-promoting properties.

oil garlic

Oil garlic, or garlic oil, is a natural oil derived from Allium sativum by steam distillation method.

Owing to its health-promoting properties, it has been consumed since ancient times to protect against some diseases.

Allicin, which shows strong antibiotic properties, is one of the most important compounds in its composition. According to studies, it is much more potent than penicillin. Owing to that, garlic oil is used to prevent and treat respiratory diseases, e.g. cold, laryngitis, rhinitis or as an expectorant.

Adding garlic to a diet stimulates also the formation of hydrogen sulfide. This leads to the dilation of blood vessels and consequently improved blood flow. It has an antiatherosclerotic effect confirmed by studies – it reduces the incidence of this disease. The next advantage of garlic oil is anticoagulant properties which contribute to a decreased risk of red blood cell clumping.

The content of antioxidants helps remove free radicals from the body (detoxification) and delay ageing.  As a natural diuretic, it is recommended to individuals with urinary problems – it supports the function of this system. It will be effective in diabetics to stimulate thyroid function and thus lower blood sugar levels.

In addition, studies have shown that compounds present in garlic oil have anticarcinogenic properties and its regular intake may thus prevent the development of cancer.

Nowadays, garlic oil is widely applied to the animal and poultry feed industry. Many animal and poultry enterprises begin to develop garlic oil feed spray for the animal and poultry health. Hefei Dielegance Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to provide high quality natural FCC Grade garlic oil for feed use.

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